Laksmi - Whitepaper
Executive Summary
Crypto Gig Economy Platform for Gen Z
All big tech marketing platforms have blocked blockchain and crypto so marketing of crypto projects and services is difficult and expensive. Available channels which are mainly telegram and twitter are highly limited in terms of value they deliver to the crypto projects. Telegram for example only gives bots accounts to project social communities and nothing beyond that. Twitter gives some visibility but hardly any engagement or real performance.
Laksmi App endeavours to fill the gap, that is the absence of a powerful marketing platform for blockchain and crypto projects. Platform that has real reach in the crypto community and offers trackable and measurable performance at scale.
Laksmi App focuses on Airdrops and crypto gigs and helps in building project communities through efficient airdrop marketing and distribution. And deliver specific project related user engagements through crypto gigs. Laksmi App aims to build a massive crypto community by empowering Laksmi App users to earn crypto daily. Connecting users with top blockchain projects around the world and help them earn crypto through airdrops and crypto gigs.
Salient features of Laksmi Platform for Projects
  • Huge active community on our Laksmi platform
  • All users on App are verified with mobile number and email id verification (no bots)
  • Ease of marketing, task verification, selection of winners and distribution of rewards
Crypto Gigs
  • App installs and sign-ups
  • Registrations on project websites
  • App testing and user feedback
  • Transact on platform
  • Drive token sales
  • Promote the product and drive sales by running referral programs and ambassador programs
Initially Laksmi will focus on aggregating all the top blockchain projects for airdrops and crypto gigs. And enable user to earn more crypto daily.
As the user evolves and wishes to earn more crypto, Laksmi platform also evolves with the user. Use can now engage into Play to Earn crypto gaming, P2P Crypto trading and IDO investment on the Laksmi platform. This increases value of the app for the user and forces user to open the app daily.
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