Laksmi Tokens
$LKSM - 100 Mn total supply
Laksmi tokens are lifeblood of the project and play a very critical role in success of the project. Laksmi tokens are important as we offer Laksmi Tokens to all users for participation in various gigs and airdrops, along with project tokens. This ensures a user get crypto right after the task is completed. And project crypto is distributed as per projects minting plans.
Laksmi tokens will be available on two main chains that is BSC and Polygon.
70 M LKSM Tokens on BSC
30 M $LKSM Tokens on Polygon

Utility of Laksmi Tokens

    Stake Laksmi Tokens and pay lower fees on exchange
    Stake Laksmi Tokens & Earn Interest upto 30% APY
    Stake Laksmi Tokens to become distributors on Laksmi agent network
    Stake Laksmi Tokens if you are a crypto agent to get daily credit from distributors
    Stake Laksmi Tokens if your organisation wish to receive donation from around the world in crypto
    10% of earnings is utilised for buying tokens from the market and burning them. This reduces supply of tokens and the value of tokens goes up for token holders.
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