Crypto Super App
Crypto needs Super App
Laksmi app aims to help users to earn, invest, trade and use crypto and become a crypto super app for Gen Z. The platform evolves as the user evolves from an airdrop collector to a passionate crypto user. Laksmi App will add usecases like launchpad, P2P crypto trading, play to earn games, donate, remit etc as user on the platform matures.
Going forward users would wish to earn more crypto, and can try crypto gaming, P2P trading, DeFi and investment on Laksmi platform itself. This increases the value of the app for the users and forces them to open the app daily. And as new usecases are added on the platform, the platform gets new users and becomes more and more useful for the existing users due to network effects. Similar approach has been taken by crypto exchanges like Binance in the crypto ecosystem.

Why Crypto Super App?

Crypto Super App is a game changer for crypto as low frequency crypto usecases are not sustainable. But, when multiple low frequency usecases combine it creates a compelling value proposition for users.
Due to lack of marketing channels open for crypto as all big tech marketing platforms have blocked crypto, building audience for the new products is tough and expensive.
Also Super Apps add lot of value for users as they provide multiple services to users within a single app. And over a period of time Super Apps become part of user’s daily life and impossible to discard.

Benefits of Super Apps for users

Discovery of new services is always a challenge which can be managed to a great extent through a Super App approach
As a user has already transacted on the app, trying new services becomes easier. A user can easily try out various new services.
Familiarity of UI makes super apps easier to explore and try. A user doesn't need to download and new app and register on the app. And then explore the various options and functionality on the new app. Existing product or platform is much more convenient for the user to try out.
Network Effects
As a new service is added on Super App and a new user is onboarded platform becomes more useful for all the existing users.