Neighbourhood P2P Crypto Exchange
On Laksmi App multiple services will be launched subsequently after initial launch of Airdrop and Crypto Gigs. One such service is Neighbourhood P2P Crypto Exchange that allows a user to buy or sell crypto from a or to a nearby Pro Crypto Trader without any hassle.
A user can buy crypto from a nearby Pro Crypto trader. User discovers nearby pro crypto trader (PCT) through Laksmi App.Checks the price and visits the Pro Crypto Traders store. Checks price again and buy crypto over the counter. User pays 0.5% platform fees which can be reduced to zero by staking Laksmi Tokens.
Pro Crypto Traders
Pro Crypto Traders (PCT) are basically retail merchants with retail storefront and daily sales volume. A user can simply trade crypto in cash or using digital payment methods in face to face meeting in the store. The system is designed such that the entire operation is totally trustless. No one has to trust anyone, all transactions are backed by crypto or are completed in a single face to face meeting between verified parties.
Laksmi Neighbourhood Crypto Exchange focusses on the most important aspect of the currencies which is also applicable to cryptocurrencies and that is access. The platform aims to make crypto accessible to everyone.
To be able to do that the experience of fiat to crypto conversion and vice versa needs to be as closer to retail experience as possible.So that everyone young or old, educated or uneducated, tech natives and tech challenged all can equally access crypto and benefit.
Laksmi Neighbourhood Exchange has offline Pro Crypto Trader Network (PCTN). PCTN empowers a user to just visit the store of the Pro Crypto Trader and buy- sell crypto over the counter.

Laksmi Online P2P Exchange

Simplest User Experience
  • Just one price of bitcoin on the platform
  • No Ads, no profiles & no listings.
  • Simplest UI for a P2P Crypto Exchange.
Lowest Fees
  • No deposit & withdrawal fees.
  • Buyer & seller each pay fees maximum of 0.5% of transaction
  • Fees goes down when as a user stakes Laksmi Tokens
  • Laksmi Tokens as rewards for each successful trade
Support All Major Stable Coins
  • No Price Volatility
  • Low Network Fees
  • Low Network Fees
  • No Advertisements
  • No Profiles
  • No sharing of sellers' names, mobile numbers and email-ids on the platform