Laksmi - Whitepaper
Crypto Gigs
Earn Crypto II
Airdrops do excite a huge number of users but there is a big chunk of users who want to engage more deeply with projects if there are proportional rewards. These users are okay to contribute, and go an extra mile and help in the project's growth if they are rewarded adequately.
For blockchain projects airdrops are just a starting point in the community building, projects need community support right from the word go and in each and every step of their evolution and growth. Projects are okay to share fruits of growth with the community which is passionate and help projects achieve goals.
Crypto Gigs are freelance opportunities from top blockchain projects. Participants are expected to perform tasks and are offered rewards. Task such as
  • Follow on Twitter, Join Telegram, RT or Comment on tweet
  • Install and register on Project APP
  • Test the Project App and share feedback
  • Transact on the project platform
  • Promote the product, drive sales through referral program and ambassador program
  • Make memes & videos and write blogs for projects
On Laksmi Platform users can also participate in gigs and earn crypto along with Airdrops.
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