Laksmi - Whitepaper
Laksmi Platform
Earn Crypto Daily
Laksmi is a crypto gig economy platform that empowers users to earn crypto through airdrops and gigs from top blockchain projects around the world. Users get rewards in the form of Laksmi tokens ($LKSM) and project tokens for their participation.
Laksmi App is a platform to discover latest crypto projects and earn crypto daily. Laksmi App empower users to earn crypto in a simple and fun manner. Non need to go through hundreds of Telegram groups, twitter handles and online forums. Also no need to submit work through google forms and go through all the hassle of following up for rewards.
Laksmi is a marketing platform for crypto and blockchain projects. Laksmi enable crypto projects to build project communities, drive user engagement and goal completions. Laksmi like a partner helps crypto projects throughout their journey right from the project launch to token sale, exchange listing , user growth and revenues
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